Strategies To Ensure Maximum Property Valuations on Your Real Estate

Anyone selling, buying, or renovating a parramattaprinting property in Sydney may need a valuation to make an informed decision. A proper analysis is vital for many reasons and includes cases that deal with real estate, legal disputes involving property, for taxation problems, or insurance purposes. If disaster strikes and your property is underinsured, the insurance payout may not be enough to rebuild your home or business. That would be catastrophic.

With a few smart strategies, everyone can receive great property valuations in Sydney. Just put the following tips into practice, and you will make an amazing impression when the valuer comes by.


1. Pass on ‘kerbside’ valuations

If you are offered the option between cheap ‘drive-past’ property valuations in Sydney, or full service inspections, always select the latter. The cheap desktop valuations do not involve personal inspections, which may be easier on your wallet, but they will not give you a complete, true-to-value evaluation. As a result, kerbside valuations are pretty worthless.

2. Be present at valuation time

Valuers do not want to deal with house sitters, nor do they like to find an empty home. parramattaprinting When you set up a date and time for an appraiser to come by, be available for the grand tour and to answer questions. The more details the valuer has, the more accurate his results will be.


3. Keep the property clean

It does not parramattaprinting leave a good impression when dishes are left in the sink, the bathroom is a mess, and the beds are not made. Keep the place tidy and clean so your inspector can properly finish his job.

4. Complete improvements

Before setting up property valuations in Sydney, home or business owners should always complete intended property improvements. The value will go up when everything in good working condition, the walls have a fresh coat of paint and the landscaping has been completed. Having receipts of your improvements will also make your evaluation more exact.

Provide estimates and plans

If you intend major renovations in the near future, show the assessor your plans and estimates, as well as any other documentation you received. Contractors will gladly give you all the proof you need. You should also mention when your restorations, repairs or improvements will start and how long they should last.

5. Do not pressure the assessor

There is no need to bother the valuer with all sorts of details about your property. He or she is not interested in buying your home or business, so don’t bother with a sales pitch. A skilled inspector knows your area, the property values in your neighborhood, and which features will drive up property values.

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